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What information should I have when I call you?

You should have the vending machine manufacturer, the model number and any error messages the vending machine is giving you. Without the model number there is really nothing I can do before I get to the machine, I won't even know if I have the part I need until I get there. Many soda vending machines look alike and customers tell me "it has a Coke logo on the front." Unfortunatley, Coke uses machines from Royal Vendors, Dixie Narco and Vendo and if it is older, there could be more than 40 different models that use different parts. On snack vending machines the serial number is usually located inside the glass in the upper left or upper right corner in the front. On soda vending machines the serial number is usually located half way down the left side of the vending machine on the side of the door.

What kind of vending machines do you fix?

I do not fix gumball type vending machines but I can fix just about any other type of commercial vending machine. I know the "glass front" beverage machines better than almost any other technician out there; especially the Vendo VUE40 and the Royal Vendors RVV500.

How long after I call you until you can get to my machine?

Many times I can get to your vending machine the same day; if not, I should be able to get there the next business day. If you need me on a Saturday I can do that too, however, there is an extra charge for Saturdays.


What hours are you available to work?

I usually work from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. I can work earlier or later and on Saturdays if needed. Saturday calls are an extra charge, but I am here if you need me!


What type of warranty do I get on the work you do?

I give a 90 warranty on parts, (sometimes longer depending on the part) and I give a 30 day warranty on the labor.

What if something else breaks during your 30 day labor warranty, is that covered?

The warranty only applies to the part or mechanism that I fixed. If I replace your dollar bill acceptor and a vend motor breaks next week, that is not covered under my warranty; my warranty only covers what I work on.


Do you repair everything on site or do you have to send things out to be repaired?

I do my best to make sure your vending machine is up and running when I leave; so for things that I have to "send out" to be repaired I will just do an "exchange" for you. That means I will take your unit out and give you a repaired unit in exchange. I DO NOT repair refrigeration units "on location," there are just too many environmental issues to deal with "on location." If your refrigeration units needs to be repaired, the first option is "exchange" if I do not have a unit that fits your machine I will take it to my shop and repair it there. I will usually have it back in your vending machine within two days.

What if you are not able to fix my vending machine?

I will discuss your issue on the phone and decide if it is something that can be repaired or is worth the cost of repairing before I go to your location. If the repair is going to cost $400 and the vending machine can be replaced for $400 it may not make sense to fix it. If I do go to your location and then figure out it cannot be fixed or is not worth it to fix it, there is a trip charge but there will be no labor charge.


Do you install upgrade kits?

Yes, I do. I have installed various types of upgrade kits for many different vending machines. If you would like "Guaranteed Delivery" added to your vending machine let me know, if you want your vending machine to take the new $5 bill let me know; I've got you covered.


Do you sell extended warranties?

Yes, I do. The price varies depending on the type, make, model, age and condition of the vending machine we are talking about.


Do you sell service contracts?

Yes, I do. The price varies depending on the type, make, model, age and condition of the vending machine you want the service contract on.

Vending Machine Repair Tips

Tip #5:
Refrigerated vending machines should be at least 4 inches from the wall to allow the refrigeration system to "breath."


Tip #6:
Keep your coin acceptor clean! Use water and a soft cloth to clean the coin path regularly; never use any type of chemical cleaner.




Tip #7:
If your vending machine
is "leaking," check to make sure your door is getting a good seal and is not letting outside air in.




Tip #8:
If only one product is not working, try a "test vend" using the computer, this may solve your problem immediately.