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Vending machine Refrigeration Repair

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About Me, your vending machine repair technician

Hello, my name is Sergio Lopez and I have been a vending machine repair technician in Southern California, more specifically Los Angeles, since 1991. I have worked for some of the largest vending machine operators in California. Over the years I have been trained by many different vending machine factory representatives and I have attended more "vending machine repair, service schools" than I can remember. Many of my competitors have learned vending machine repair on their own, I have been trained by the factories and KNOW how to fix the vending machines the way the factory would fix them; many of my competitors, here in the Los Angeles area, have just "figured it out on their own." That is what sets me apart from my competition, do you take your car to your next door neighbor to fix, or do you take it to a trained mechanic? Your vending machine is your income; if it doesn't work right you are not making money. I am the vending machine repair technician in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Fernando Valley areas, that can and will get your vending machine back up and running properly as fast as possible and get it done right. I have a frequently asked questions page that will answer many of the questions you may have.

There is NEVER a need for duct tape in vending machine repair

Over the years I have seen some crazy things that other vending machine repair technicians have done. There is a company in Los Angeles that gets a lot of repair work because of their website, but I have been called in to clean up their mess on several occasions. When I open a vending machine and I see someone has used "duct tape" to hold things together or closed I know it is these guys. I promise I will NEVER use "duct tape" on your vending machine repair. During these tough economic times many vending machine operators in the Los Angeles area will use the "cheaper" technicians that are out of work vendors or vending companies that need to make extra money because their vending routes are not doing well. Many times it costs more to hire them than it does to hire a professional vending machine repair technician like me. If you have to pay me to fix what they did not fix, or worse, something they broke, you will be paying for the repair twice and your vending machine will have been down for who knows how long? In Los Angeles the locations aren't very patient when it comes to out of order vending machines. I am a vending machine repair technician; that is what I do, I am not a vendor doing repair work on the side, I am not an unemployed vending route driver trying to make rent by masquerading as a technician; I repair vending machines and I have been doing that for 21 years. If you are in Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Fernanado Valley or anywhere in between and you want your vending machine fixed right the first time by a professional vending machine repair technician call me (323)243-0144.

Vending Machine Repair Tips

Tip #1:
Turn off your machine
for 5 seconds and and turn it back on. This will reset the computer and could fix your problem


Tip #2:
Keep the cooling fins on your refer system clean and extend the life of your refer system





Tip #3:
Write down the EXACT error messages before your clear your error messages. If clearing the errors does not fix your problem you have the error messages written down.



Tip #4:
If your products keep getting stuck and won't vend properly check to make sure your vending machine is level.