Vending machine Refrigeration repair

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Vending Machine Repair for The Greater Los Angeles Area:

Beverly Hills
City of Industry
Culver City
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Newport Beach
San Fernando
San Gabriel
Santa Ana
Santa Monica
Studio City
Temple City
Thousand Oaks
Van Nuys






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Vending Machine Repair Tips

Tip #1:
Turn off your machine
for 5 seconds and and turn it back on. This will reset the computer and could fix your problem


Tip #2:
Keep the cooling fins on your refer system clean and extend the life of your refer system





Tip #3:
Write down the EXACT error messages before your clear your error messages. If clearing the errors does not fix your problem you have the error messages written down.



Tip #4:
If your products keep getting stuck and won't vend properly check to make sure your vending machine is level.